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Benjamin Greber - Almagia, 2012

Download the full catalogue

Download the catalogue's text "Prozessuale Skulpturen" by Ludwig Seyfarth (German)

Download the catalogue's text "Processual Sculptures" by Ludwig Seyfarth (English)

Published by GWK
Kettler Verlag, 2012
124 pages
Texts by Andreas Peeters and Ludwig Seyfarth
ISBN: 978-3-86206-169-3






Benjamin Greber – Alles steuert der Blitz, 2013

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Download the catalogue's text "Das Mahlen der Mühlen" by Arne Reimann (German)

Download the catalogue's text "The Grinding Of The Mills" by Arne Reimann (English)

Published by Jochen Heufelder, 2013
6 pages folder
Text by Arne Reimann
ISBN: 3-930636-71-9






Benjamin Greber – Fairfield1998
Published by Kunstakademie Münster, 2008
22 pages
ISBN: 978-3-928682-55-8




Group Exhibition Catalogues

  x   Bodycheck – 10. Triennale Kleinplastik
Published by Kulturamt der Stadt Fellbach under directiion of Matthias Winzen and Nicole Fritz
296 pages
ISBN: 3-9807598-6-5





Wir konstruieren…
Published by Hermann Arnhold
p.p. Westfälisches Landesmuseum,2009
72 pages
ISBN: 3-88789-157-0






Once More, Unto The Breach, Dear Friends, Once More
Published by Frederik Vergaert Lokaal 01, 2013
190 pages
ISBN: 978-9-081195-48-5







Pleasure Ground / Only Connect, 2010
Double publication published by Lokaal 01
Texts by Christophe Van Eecke and Berry Van Gerwen
665 pages
ISBN: 978 – 90- 811954-7-8




Sugar Published by Gertrud Peters, 2014
Text by Robert Fleck
54 pages
ISBN: 978-9-0827345-35-5

Material Conceptualism
Published by Alexander Hahn, 2013
44 pages

New Talents 2012
Published by Fuhrwerkswaage Kunstraum e.V.
Die neue Sachlichkeit, 2012
86 pages
Text by Jenny Nachtigal
ISBN 978-3-942139-27-4

Published by Elena Winkel 2012
126 pages
Interview by Oliver Koehler

Lokaal 01 Antwerpen
Published by Frederik Vergaert
Lokaal 01, 2011
64 pages
Text by Andreas Peeters

Enovos – Junge Kunst 2010
Published by Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, 2010
184 Seiten
ISBN: 978-3-00-030898-7







Kunstforum Issue # 215, 2012
Text by Martin Blättner







Andy Warhol’s Interview
Issue October 2012
Text & Interview by Brigitte Werneburg



„Paradiese in Plastik“
Issue September, 28th 2013
Article by Christiane Meixner

Kunstzeitung Issue # 9/2007

Kunstforum Issue # 188, 2007
Text by Sigrid Feeser

VernisageSüd Issue # 01/2007








Parkhaus im Malkasten
Published by Karl Heinz Rummeny, 2013
316 pages






Rising – Young Artists To Keep An Eye On.
Published by Olaf Salié
Daab Verlag, 2011
420 Seiten
Introduction by Harald Falckenberg
ISBN: 978-3-94259-703-6






Encyclothek – Objekte aus der Sammlung Fukuro
Published by M. Böhler, C. Orendt, C. Hein
Graef Verlag, 2012
162 pages
Text by Melanie Sachs
ISBN: 978-3-9808812-9-6